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Beacon Wellcare provides the complete all-round affordable medical facilities under on roof. We have a network of more than 500+ Diagnostic Centers, 250+ Hospitals and 250+ Specialist Doctors.

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Easy appointments

Convenient services

Collaborative decision making

Transparent billing system

Minimum necessary treatment

Completely transparent,
fully accountable professional care

Shattering the barriers between doctors and patients

We believe in full transparency and are committed to working with you to make you healthier. We will do what it takes to break down the barriers whether it is your diagnosis, the plan for your care or our fees. We believe in the sacred right each person has to determine their own health and well being. We are here to help in the process!

A healthy, balanced lifestyle -
perfect recipe for a rewarding future

Prevention is better than Cure

The stressors and commitments of modern society are taking a toll on the health of our nation. We are committed to leveraging our expertise in helping community become proactive about health. We believe the Family Doctor is an integral part of ensuring well being and not just curing an illness. We encourage open and continuous interaction even when you are not sick and you need us the most so that we can take better care of you.

Personalised counselling

Continuous engagement

Your partner in health

Easy consulting and counselling

Community forums

Home care services

Retirement shouldn’t
make you anxious!

The Golden Years, re-vitalized

You've worked hard all your life, in pursuit of a dream, a duty and an unwavering commitment to your family. Let us worry about your health in your golden years and take away the anxiety out of the unknown. Our team of experts stand ready to assist you at any time!

Mentoring the community towards better health

We are passionate about informing, educating and sharing our expertise with our community. We believe that it is our humble responsibility to do what we can in ensuring a bright future for our children. Our Community Mentoring Program brings together experts in healthcare and help build awareness within the community about topics such as CPR, First Aid, chronic condition management, diet and lifestyle topics and more. These sessions are free and continuous. Join us in building a community of experts, so we are all there for each other when we need it the most!